The battle over the dignity of women has deep roots in our current culture. Our society encourages young women to get caught up in a cycle of sexual promiscuity, unplanned pregnancies and abortion. Regret about the abortion, whether recognized or subconscious, leads to additional promiscuity, repeat abortions, and deepens their spiritual wounds.

By being an Underwriter you can join with us as we stand in the gap to be able to compete against forces like Planned Parenthood. This ultimately is how we are called to spread the “Gospel of Life.”

Underwriting ensures that all the donations at the Gala directly benefit the work of the four Pro-Life Ministries.


  • Platinum ......$10,000 
  • Gold .............$ 5,000
  • Silver ...........$ 2,000

Please contact Bev Pajerski at 919-609-4001 to charge by phone. Donations by mail can be sent to:

Birthchoice Pregnancy Medical Center
2304 Wesvill Ct
Suite 340
Raleigh, NC 27607